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Quality Concrete Pool Builders and Renovators Sydney

Camden Country Pools & Spas are a locally owned and run business that design your pool & build it from start to completion.
above ground pools sydney

Above Ground Pools Sydney

A pool in your backyard creates a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere to be shared with family and friends during those hot summer days and warm, humid evenings. Just think, what better place to escape your everyday stressful schedules, the deadlines and demands of the job, than in the comfort of your own home.

above ground pools sydney

We are proud to offer you quality above ground concrete pools built to our exact standards by the Camden Country Pools team. Our mission focuses on offering quality above ground pools that meet your needs.  All of our above ground pools carry a legacy of quality, excellence and family fun!

If you are looking for an above ground concrete pool in Sydney and unsure of the size, shape or style than contact us today via the online contact form or call us on 0412 211 440.


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