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Professional Pool Builder Sydney 2018

Professional Concrete pool builders in 2018

Considering on building a pool in early 2018 across Sydney? Great! Here are some things you should consider to help you achieve the pool of your family dreams.

1. Make sure the pool builder is licensed & fully insured

I know this may seem trivial but it pays to check your new pool builder is fully licensed and insured. You need to also check that the licenses are current and still valid.


2. Ask for references and actually check them

Again something that sounds basic in nature could actually help you to weed out the guys who have a history of bad pool building. When you ask a prospective pool builder for references tell him that you will actually be calling them just to see what their experience is like. If he/she is hesitant or if you cannot get a hold of them then that’s a pretty good sign something is wrong.


3. Get a fixed price quotation and timeline

Getting a fixed price quotation is important to ensure you limit the project costs blowing out. Be sure to ask and verify in writing all the inclusions that you have discussed and that these are all included in the price you have been quote. Make sure you get it in writing either on a contract with your pool builders details, license number and business numbers. Or via email but it must be from their working email address with the same information contained. Covering yourself legally is a good way to ensure that you are taken seriously, and that in the event something goes wrong, you are covered legally.


4. Lastly check their work for the design and type of pool you want. Experience counts.

Building a pool is a large project and often depending on your design comes with complexity. It’s important that the Pool Builder has experience building the shape, type and design of pool that you are looking for. This experience will ensure that he/she is aware of best practise, aware of the challanges and that experience will ensure you have a safe and happy pool for years to come.


Are you looking to build a pool across Sydney?

Robert and the team have over 25 years designing and constructing quality concrete pools across Sydney.
You can trust Camden Country Pools to ensure your pool is designed, constructed and finished to the highest
standard. Contact us today to arrange an onsite quotation and discussion.

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