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Quality Concrete Pool Builders and Renovators Sydney

Camden Country Pools & Spas are a locally owned and run business that design your pool & build it from start to completion.

Do you need a concrete swimming pool in Sydney?

When you need a swimming pool specialist, call on Camden Country Pools concrete pool specialists cross Sydney south east – the ones with over 30 years of experience!

With Sydney weather generally warm (and getting warmer), a swimming pool is practically a necessity for most homes. They don’t have to be large and elaborate; in fact, we can design a concrete pool installation for almost any space. Concrete pool construction does take some planning, however – and it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an involved, multi-step process that requires trained, experienced concrete professionals.

The first step in swimming pool installation is to consider your space and how pool landscaping will fit into what you have – or, if you are building a new home, what sort of surrounding landscape you have in mind. Ideally, your new pool will integrate smoothly into its surroundings and compliment the yard and structures. You won’t want a pool that looks as if it were an afterthought.

Concrete Pool Builder Sydney NSW

Once the pool site has been excavated to the desired size and shape, the various forms that define the sides, steps and edges are installed. Concrete pool coping forms are important, because these define the top edge of your pool, forming the outline. Unlike other forms, coping remains visible and provides a safe, gripping surface for bare feet when people get in and out of the pool. Spragues’ can provide precast concrete pool coping, or pour it there on site, depending on the project.

Your concrete pool deck should also have a textured, non-slip surface. At the same time, it needs to be comfortable to walk on and able to withstand environmental extremes of hot and cold as well as rain, wind and sun. With the variety of colors and textures available as well as methods such as concrete stamping, you have a wide range of options here. Concrete stamping is a technique in which patterns and designs are literally pressed into the concrete surface, using a variety of stamps. (These stamps are very unwieldy, by the way; using them properly requires specialized training – it’s not something you should attempt to do yourself.)

Once the deck is completed, it will need to be treated properly in order to make certain it remains safe and durable.

Do you have an older home with an existing concrete swimming pool? Camden Country Pools can also help with inground pool repair and maintenance. We can resurface pools and carry out any concrete pool repair you may need.

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Camden Country Pools & Spas are a locally owned and run business that design your pool & build it from start to completion. Talk to us today about your swimming pool dreams.

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